Welcome to Avalon SteriTech

For the past year, COVID-19 has put our existing way of life on hold.

Avalon SteriTech is composed of a team of visionaries who likes to turn challenging situations into transformational experiences. We rethink and redefine what it means by “safe” and “clean”. In fact, environmental health is a lot more than just being free from dirt and dust. Not only do we have to go “beyond the visible” to tackle the hidden pathogens, we have to do it responsibly and sustainably.

We are very excited that many world-leading businesses and leaders share our vision. Together, we combine our expertise in robotics, chemistry, biomedical technology to design and develop innovative healthcare solutions and technologies which could help the global community to regain confidence and embrace the new normal.

Our innovations embark us on a journey of creating a safe environment for the world. To learn more about us, please visit our website or follow our LinkedIn. Do not hesitate to share your thoughts or drop us a message.

Let’s work together to build a healthier future!

Lewis Ho
Avalon SteriTech