Transforming School Sanitation: A Whiz Gambit Case Study Triumph with HKVNS Alumni Association Kindergarten

When it comes to protecting our children, compromise isn’t a word in our dictionary. Whiz Gambit’s impact on school sanitation leaps off the page in our latest case study at HKVNS Alumni Association Kindergarten (KCC) in October 2023. Our commitment to creating a pristine learning environment is evident in the data, which reveals not just a reduction in surface contaminants but a sweeping victory for student health.

Before Whiz Gambit entered the scene, common areas such as classrooms, corridors, playgrounds, and activity rooms were unsuspecting hosts to a myriad of pathogens, from Parainfluenza type 3 to E. coli. Our robotic maestros conducted a symphony of disinfection, leaving behind a chorus of impressive statistics.

The Whiz Gambit Difference: By the Numbers

Classroom tables were a playground for pathogens; post-Whiz Gambit intervention, ATP readings plummeted from 6094 to a microscopic 29 Relative Light Units (RLU).

Playground equipment, once a critical concern with ATP readings in the thousands, saw reductions to as low as 18 RLU.

In the activity room, the music instruments, which initially sang a tune of 18495 RLU, now play at a harmonious 1004 RLU.

Our smart technology ensures that after our cleaning services, ATP readings consistently fall within the ‘Pass’ threshold (≤300 RLU), indicating an environment that exceeds cleanliness standards. The data doesn’t lie; Whiz Gambit is the guardian of cleanliness in educational institutions.

Beyond the Numbers: The Real-World Impact

The eradication of pathogens from school surfaces has far-reaching implications:

Enhanced Student Safety: The removal of harmful bacteria and viruses translates to a healthier student body and fewer days lost to illness.

Peace of Mind for Parents: Assurance that their children are in a facility that prioritizes well-being above all. In fact, there was a significant reduction in students’ absenteeism rate, with up to 20% fewer absences compared to the same period in previous years.

Staff Satisfaction: From educators, administrators to janitors, they take pride in a workspace that reflects the highest standards of hygiene.

Long-Term Cost Savings: Fewer sick days mean reduced disruption and lower costs associated with temporary staffing or unplanned closures.

By integrating Whiz Gambit’s advanced cleaning solutions, schools don’t just clean; they innovate. They don’t just pass inspections; they set new benchmarks.

“We welcomed Whiz Gambit, a valuable addition to our school, maintaining a hygienic and safe environment while significantly reducing student and staff absenteeism”

Principal, HKVNS Alumni Association Kindergarten

At Avalon Steritech, we are not just selling a product; we are advocating for a revolution in school hygiene standards. The case study numbers are our scoreboard, and each clean surface is a win in our column. Whiz Gambit isn’t just a part of the conversation on school safety; we are leading the dialogue. We are pleased to work with forward-looking organizations, like HKVNS Alumni Association Kindergarten, who takes the initiative and prioritizes the health and well-being of young children who are vulnerable to infectious diseases due to their underdeveloped immune systems.

Cleanliness in education isn’t just about appearances; it’s about providing a safe, nurturing environment where our future leaders can thrive. Whiz Gambit doesn’t just promise results; we deliver a future where every school can be a beacon of health and hygiene. Let’s not just raise the bar; let’s set it.