Our Vision

Avalon SteriTech is a next-generation biotechnology and healthcare startup with a mission to create safe, powerful, and sustainable solutions to help safeguard the health and well-being of individual as well as protecting commercial and public institutions against the threat of infectious diseases such as COVID-19. Founded in early 2020, its solutions and technology have now been adopted by hotels, malls, public transportations and airlines across Asia, North America and other regions.

While governments and enterprises around the world look for new ways to better manage public health risks, Avalon SteriTech understands that conventional cleaning tools are no longer enough. To revitalize the public health standard and exemplify its commitment to delivering smart solutions, the company is collaborating with a number of global industry leaders to strengthen its product development capability and to explore new market opportunities. They include Softbank Robotics Group, its key development partner on Whiz Gambit and also an investor in the company, and MicroSafe.

Our Product Design Philosophy

Innovating infection control technologies play a pivotal role in Avalon SteriTech’s mission. Rooted in science, we dedicate continuous efforts into R&D, from robotics and chemical solutions to engineering, to tackle unknown diseases promptly. Apart from working with independent test and certification laboratories, a 1:1 simulated train compartment along with a professional particle size analyzer are in place for in-house testing purposes, in order to refine product design and verify performance.

Leading a safer and healthier world

Leading a Safer and Healthier World is at the core of our commitment to society, we aspire to deliver smarter, more eco-friendly infection control solutions that minimize environmental impacts.

To strike a balance between biocidal efficacy and chemical usage, we continue to go beyond traditional cleaning, while maintaining a culture of responsible use of chemicals with all clients and partners.

In particular, we program disinfection doses and protocols based on different environmental needs, enabling our clients to achieve effective disinfection and reduce their chemical footprint in the long run.

Clean & Disinfect

Test & Monitor

A.C.T. Approach

Using its unique A.C.T approach business model, Avalon SteriTech offers a full suite of products and services that include consultation, tailor-made plans and technical training for its clients, with the goal of helping them devise and implement long-term strategies for cleaning and disinfection.


Understand customer needs


Field study and on-site test


Develop solution and pilot plan


Pilot implementation and refine the solution


Roll out the refined solution fully​


Provide technical training


Monitor solution’s effectiveness and after-sales services