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As the globe recovers from the significant disruption brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, one of their top priorities is to restore public confidence in their ability to protect passengers and crews from the transmission of communicable diseases. With MoonStar, the team at Avalon SteriTech is bringing an integrated solution based on next-generation disinfection robots to airlines and other mass public transportations.


Flagship Disinfection Robot for Mass Transportation

About MoonStar

Co-developed by Avalon SteriTech and MTR Corporation, MoonStar is a four-wheel drive (4WD) disinfection robot that is highly maneuverable and can overcome challenging physical terrain to execute disinfection operations. The device, which has been regularly adopted by Hong Kong metro system and airline to combat the raging pandemic, is equipped with a dual-nozzle system and can dispense vapourised hydrogen peroxide (VHP) or professional disinfectants covering all exposed surfaces and crevices with highly effective anti-bacterial effects.

VHP destroys or eliminates all form of microbial life, including bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses, including demonstrated efficacy against human coronavirus. It leaves no toxic residue, only water vapour and oxygen, and highly compatible with wide variety of materials.

The previous model of MoonStar also attained the Certificate of Merit at HKIE Innovation Award 2021.

Safeguard Passengers’ Safety

Meeting high performance needs of aviation, railway and other mass transportation sectors



  • Proprietary mechanical design with large wheel-base, allowing for up to 100 kg payload and high manoeuvrability in all terrain setting.



  • Dual nozzles and disinfection deployment designed for all-rounded protocols with maximum zone and surface coverage.


Safe & Reliable

  • Extensive multi-sensor setup (LiDAR, optic & SONAR sensors) for obstacle avoidance
  • Customized disinfection protocols offer users unrivaled confidence in zonal cleaning and disinfection


Smart Features

  • Easy to use with wireless remote control

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