The COVID-19 pandemic highlights the importance of swift response in the event of public health emergencies. To minimize the risk of contracting and spreading of the virus, operators and managers of large public space often require professional assistance to formulate and execute corrective measure plans that would allow them to promptly evaluate the level of risk and urgency, and to implement the necessary solutions once the problems are identified.

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The rapid spread of COVID-19 around the world underscores the importance of preventive measures in protecting your customers, employees, and visitors.

In the case a confirmed COVID-19 case found within a facility over the previous 24 hours, the best course of action would involve deep cleaning and disinfection of the affected and other high-risk areas, according to the recommendation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

In addition to performing on-site analysis, our professional team offers sterilization, antimicrobial coating, and regular disinfection services, which are carried out using safe disinfectants and medical grade hydrogen peroxide deep cleaning solutions.

Our disinfection solutions are applicable for all settings, including train stations, elderly homes, clinics, offices, and hotels, etc.

The disinfection solution that suits your needs

Tailored disinfection service


  • Portable and lightweight disinfection device can be easily set up in all locations for immediate air and surface disinfection

  • SGS-certified solution with medical grade sterilant H2O2 readily available

Antimicrobial Coating

  • AI-Powered Whiz Gambit, the first SGS-certified robot with proven efficacy against wide-ranging pathogens, including coronavirus

  • 90-day effective antimicrobial coating available*


  • Regular disinfection with 100% natural disinfectant to uplift the hygiene standard with unrivalled efficacies

All-rounded Solutions

  • An all-round solution combining the benefits of different disinfection measures to achieve the best result

Why Sterilization?​

Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide (VHP) is a popular and efficient method of bio-decontamination that has been used by hospitals and the healthcare sector since late 1970. 1,2 However, adoption within commercial settings has been limited due to the complexity of sterilization procedures.

To expand the application of VHP to commercial settings, Avalon now offers to clients medical-grade sterilant (Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide) when a confirmed COVID-19 case is found at their premises. Our VHP is characterized by the following features:

Safe to Humans

Leave no toxic residue – only water and oxygen

High Compatibility with a Wide Variety of Materials

Preserve the environment while ensuring performance efficacy

Quick and High Efficacy

Research shows VHP can eliminate all forms of microorganisms, including bacteria, spores, fungi and viruses rapidly, including coronavirus

Outstanding Coverage

Avalon spraying technology distributes disinfectant mist evenly across the entire target area, which give a superior disinfection coverage on all exposed surfaces and crevices


Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide disinfection technology has been adopted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for room sterilization

For more details about preventive measures, please refer to the Whiz Gambit product page

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  1. McEnvoy & Rowan, Terminal sterilization of medical devices using vaporized hydrogen peroxide: a review of current methods and emerging opportunities, J. Appl. Microbiol., 2019
  2. McDonnell, The use of hydrogen peroxide for disinfection and sterilization applications, Peroxides, 2014
  • *Long-term antimicrobial activity is based on laboratory testing environment, as per ISO 22196 and ISO 20743. Actual antimicrobial duration is based on real world environment and usage.

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