Protection from the hidden and the invisible

The COVID-19 pandemic showed the world that traditional and manual cleaning protocols alone can no longer provide consistent and effective protection against virus and bacteria that can be easily spread in crowded areas. This has prompted public health agencies and private enterprises around the world to prioritize regular cleaning and disinfection procedures in their effort to minimize the transmission risk of the virus and other infectious diseases.

Whiz & Gambit

2-in-1 AI Cleaning and Disinfection
Robot for Commerical Setting


is an AI-Powered vacuum cleaning robot of SoftBank Robotics


is a bio-decontamination system developed by Avalon SteriTech



Beyond the visible

Jointly developed by Avalon SteriTech and SoftBank Robotics, Whiz Gambit has been at the forefront of curtailing the pandemic as a trusted disinfection partner for the public sector and businesses across hospitality, retail, and healthcare globally. The solution combines the technology of an AI-powered vacuum cleaning robot with an advanced bio-decontamination system to offer more effective and thorough routine disinfection and cleaning procedures.

MTR, Hong Kong’s subway operator, is one of Whiz Gambit’s adopters, with more than 100 of the robots now serving its extensive railway network in the city.

“The pandemic has created a new norm that calls for more effective routine disinfection and cleaning procedures. Powered by AI and the latest biotechnology, our robotic solutions help government and businesses restore public confidence by providing a safe and clean environment that can minimize the risks posed by infectious diseases,” Mr Lewis Ho, Chief Executive Officer of Avalon SteriTech.

Scientifically Proven Disinfection Solution

Whiz Gambit is the first disinfection robot to achieve Performance Mark by SGS Hong Kong with proven efficacy to eliminate >99% microbial bioburden.

Whiz Gambit is a proud recipient of a number of international accolades:

CES 2022 Innovation Awards Honoree (Robotics)

"Robotics – Health Products & Services Award" at the Singapore Business Review Technology Excellence Awards 2021

International Best in Business Awards by GLOBEE®, SILVER GLOBEE® WINNERS in Best Product | To Combat and Reduce the Impact of COVID-19

AI-Powered Cleaning and Disinfection

Revolutionary Solution to Biosafety and Hygiene


World-class AI Cleaning and Disinfection

  • Best-in-class autonomous-driving AI for route design and obstacle avoidance

  • Vacuum cleaning and disinfection 2-in-1


Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use, Easy to Monitor

  • User friendly OS allowing for route design and deployment

  • Check route completion records to provide peace of mind


Patented Spraying Technology

  • Advanced spraying mechanism to generate disinfectant in mist form

  • High material and electronic equipment compatibility


24/7 Accessibility and Reliability

  • Consistent performance to prevent human error or spot-cleaning

  • Optimize operations and workflow with less effort but a better result

Product Features

User-Experience Driven

Easy to Use

Powered by BrainOS, this product can be used straight out of the box.

Safe and Reliable

Automatically avoids people, obstacles (incl. glass panels), walls, cliffs, and other hazards.

Real-Time Alerts

Notifications can be sent over-the-air whenever cleaning routes are completed, or it needs a hand.

Multi-Angle Coverage

Uniquely designed nozzle can be adjusted to target zone, surface or ground bio-decontamination.

Responsible Spraying

Gambit allows delay time setting and spray duration with its mobile app, preventing excessive use of chemicals.

Integrated Product Design

Cohesive design with Whiz allows for robust durability and seamless user experience.

Research Findings

Science Driven Approach to Environmental Hygiene

sq ft
  1. Softbank Robotics conducted research in Tokyo, JAPAN to evaluate the effectiveness of Whiz to clean office buildings. The study was conducted across 116 sites.
  2. Tested by SGS. For details, please refer to SGS Performance Mark.
  3. Disinfection and cleaning time is dependent on route design for Whiz Gambit.

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