Pathogens, including viruses and bacteria, are easily found in healthcare settings like surfaces of medical devices and hospital linens, these contaminated surfaces are likely to contribute to the pathogens’ transmission, causing healthcare-associated and other disease infections. With superior antibacterial efficacy, Avalon’s proprietary antimicrobial fabric technology could help contain the spread of pathogens from fabric contamination and safeguard healthcare workers around the clock.

Proprietary Antimicrobial Technology

Proprietary Antimicrobial Technology

About AvaTech®

To improve health protection for hospital and other frontline staff, Avalon has been working with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University to develop textile and material used for personal protective equipment, including clothing, gloves, and facemasks. A highlight of this collaboration is a project supported by the Hong Kong government’s Public Sector Trial Scheme, which sees our team provide washable antimicrobial uniforms and gowns to hospitals and elderly houses. The organizations include the Li Ka Shing Care and Attention Home for the Elderly and the United Christian Hospital.

AvaTech – Safe & Effective

Inactivate the bio-contamination on fabrics without sacrificing comfort and durability

Superior Efficacy

  • Antibacterial efficacy: >99.99%

  • ISO 20743 & AATCC 147

  • Antiviral efficacy: >99%

  • ISO 18184

Washable & reusable

  • Long-lasting antimicrobial activity over 104 industrial washing cycles

  • Washing cycle Test AATCC61


  • Non-irritative & non-sensitizing to skin

  • Biocompatibility Test ISO 10993-10, HET-CAM, Skin ora


  • High fabric quality maintained upon treatment

  • Hand Value Test, AATCC 202

Special Features


No heavy metal used in the textile


Superior antimicrobial performance (>99%) upon actual wear and tear


Long lasting antimicrobial performance upon 104 laundry cycles


Antimicrobial technology co-developed with The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

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